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Independent RP blog for the Native American deities Iktomi & Hanwi! They are based off of the stories and legends I could get my hands on, but some creative license was taken. That said, please note that I do not mean for this to be offensive to anyone or their culture. If I ever get any reports saying so, I will listen to them sincerely and do whatever I can to fix the error.

face claim: michael hudson (although please take note that Iktomi can change his shape, so I will be using different icons from many different people depending on his mood. He rarely shows his real face.)

face claim: q'orianka kilcher (for Hanwi)

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starter for stitchedseam

            “Hey man, nice  f a c e.
             Mind if I take it forever for a bit?
             Please and thank you okay, bye!”

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"My soul was weak, forgive me."



"No…." Pele shook her head, her hands coming up to cup the other’s face. "You weren’t weak Iktomi…." Her fingers caressed the soft, tan skin of his cheek. "We make mistakes sometimes."

Pele sat there by the door, her thoughts running through her head a mile a minute. She was reluctant to reach for the handle, to actually leave. Was this really the end? Were she and Iktomi actually breaking up? Then she heard his words, and pursed her lips together in a thin line, trying to stop the tears. She reached for the door handle with her shaking hand, but clenched it into a fist and it returned to her side.

"We’re really doing this, aren’t we?" She asked, her voice quiet and broken. Her heart felt heavy, like someone had shoved a thousand needles into it. This all wasn’t right. She looked up at Iktomi, as painful as it was and shook her head. "We’re going to wake up tomorrow, and everything will be okay, right?" She asked in desperation. She took a tentative step forward. "This isn’t going to be forever, can it?"

Pele was starting to doubt her self and her words. Did she really want to leave Iktomi? Was she just saying these things out of anger? Pele didn’t know what she wanted, and stood there as the options ran through her mind.

"You know I love you Iktomi…." She remarked, her voice shaking. "Are we passed the point of no return, or can we fix this?"

"I….don’t know anymore. I don’t know what I want."


"…Goddammit, don’t look at me like that!" he exclaimed, and it seemed like a lot of things went silent again. It was him, it was the air, it was the room, it was the world through his eyes. Sentences previously had been blurted out without much consideration, and perhaps that was why, because as much as he would’ve liked these to be the same, he knew they weren’t. These were thoughts hollowing him out, and scratching at his insides for what seemed like quite a while all of a sudden, and he knew with a sickening feeling, that they were completely true.

"I love you too! I love you too, and you should know that, but you’ve been around for a while too Pele, you’ve seen people, so don’t pretend like that’s always enough! You know what I think our problem is? I can live with you and you can live we me, but I don’t think either of us have ever learned how to live with ourselves. What kind of foundation is that, and what the hell am I supposed to say?!

"You want me to tell you that everything is going to be alright? Well I don’t know! I don’t know what I’m doing, and even with me loving you, I don’t know what we’re doing sometimes! I mean who the hell are we kidding, Pele?! How was this ever supposed to work?!”

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Surprise your partner.
Kill them.

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Tag game: Characters who share the same personality type as you.

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If you don’t know your personality type, take the test here.

Rules: Find out what characters share the same personality type as you here and list the characters that you find relevant below. Then tag five (nah) friends and let them know you tagged them!

Type: ENFP (The Diplomat)

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tags : just anyone who wants to.

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      “Just making the point that if human sacrifice in the Americas was really so morally incorrect, the Spanish solution probably should not have been just to have them excluded to only killing criminals and prisoners of war. You know people act like the Aztecs were partially mad because of that ritual, but the reality was you couldn’t have shown me a single civilization back then who was any more evolved then they were. It was called the dark ages for a reason, everyone collectively sucked.”

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     Cassie smiled lightly, shaking her head.
           ”No, they suit you.”


It still felt strange, something he was still getting used to,
but  that  was  a  small  weight  off  his  shoulders.

    “You  sure?  I  mean,  it  wouldn’t  be  a  travesty,
he is technically Superman. Just the idea I guess.”

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    ✫ behind the mun meme: rp facts edition! 


  • Name: Sawyer
  • Age (if you’re comfortable!): 16
  • How old were you when you first started RP-ing?: …13 I think.
  • Height: 5’11” very nearly 6’0”
  • OC’s or Canons?: BOTH
  • Prefer to play females or males?: I think I’m a little more comfortable with male characters. I do have a few female muses though.
  • Favorite face claim to play: It changes constantly! I’m always obsessed with new actors and actresses, it’s one of the things I like about playing Iktomi. I can have him be whoever. I’ve been using Tom Hughes for a while, and Sam Way is new, too. Then Kaya Scodelario and Lea Seydoux are my favorite to use for girls.
  • Least favorite face claim: I don’t have one. If you made a good character I honestly don’t care who you’re using, unless that actor/youtuber/singer/whoever didn’t make a comment about not wanting that to happen.
  • Worst rp experience ever: Being abandoned by old RP groups. 
  • Fluff, angst, or smut?: EVERYTHING
  • Most overused FC: I see so much Andrew Garfield. But then again he’s one of Iktomi’s faces too, so can’t complain.
  • First character you ever made: In RP blog form you mean…? His name was David Taylor and then I had a panic attack one day and deleted everything o-o; Then I made this blog. I’ve been thinking about bringing him back now that I’m more experienced but I’m not sure still.
  • Worst character you’ve ever played: Freddie McClair from Skins UK. I love his character so much, because I can relate to him, but the thing that makes Freddie really real is that he’s so bland. I mean all this shit happens around him, but he’s just kind of there like a real person would be. It makes me empathize with him so much, but at the same time, because his absence of excitement is what makes him so great to begin with, it also made him really boring to RP, something that sadly I didn’t take into account.
  • Favorite type of plot: I’m crazy in love with masquerade AU’s, French Revolution AU’s and childhood friend AU’s. 
  • At what time of day is your writing the best?: Night time, definitely.
  • Are you anything like your muse?: Iktomi and I both suffer from a severe case of narcissism that we are completely willing to admit to. The world revolves around us, sorry guys.
  • Worst thing about RP (in general or on Tumblr): Your follower count does not matter. I hate people who think it does. Length in replies is not important, please don’t stress over it. Real books have different lengths to people’s replies if you pick them up, and that’s great, so it’s fine if you’re RPs are different lengths, too. If someone unfollows you, it is not a big deal. Believe me, all the people you RP with and love the most are still there. Those are the only ones you need.
    *Also I personally really dislike this new trend in blogs where they’re all tiny and white and blank and I’m sorry I just really don’t like it it doesn’t mean I’m not going to RP with you that would be stupid but ugh I don’t like your theme man no offense- 
  • To end on a good note — best thing about RP?: The characters for sure! It’s the best when you get something going, and stuff just flows, you know? I mean I’ve met so many great people on here, it’s just amazing.
  • Tag five or more awesome people: No but you can do it if you want and say that I tagged you.

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[text]:Come over. Bring cocaine. And my t shirt with the dolphin on it.



[ x ] Texts from Last Night inspired text starters [nsfw and sfw]

[text]: Okay, how much?

[text]: Wait that’s the same as the blue one, right?

[text] I don’t even care how much. Just give me enough to make me believe you aren’t there.

[text] No… No no, it’s the green one. The really long one that I found in a dumpster that one time I was super drunk. That one.

[text]: Ah right, the dumpster.

[text]: I like that one, it brings our your eyes.

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idwiwblr said—

Cobra starship sentences: "Here's the truth: you're kind of hot." //dyyying XD

[ x ] sentence meme || cobra starship edition


"Dude, okay, whatever. But seriously, can I change back now?" Iktomi kept laughing, it was hard not to. Sure, other people had asked him to assume their appearance before, but it seemed more amusing for some reason. Maybe it was just Kaos’s reactions.